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Sexuality Group Therapy

In addition to individual counselling, Angela Donde also provides sexuality group therapy sessions. Group therapy has proven to be a highly cost effective and therapeutically beneficial psychological treatment modality for dealing with a variety of client sexuality issues such as sex addictions, sexual abuse and sexuality & gender identity issues. In addition, group therapy provides an opportunity for clients to share common feelings and find support within group members within a safe environment.

Please contact us to enquire about current and future group therapy programs.

Group therapy sessions are generally 90 minutes, and are held at various locations around Melbourne. Costs for group therapy are $ 35 per session. A concession rate is available.

Medicare rebates and bulk billing options are available for eligible group therapy sessions of up to $20.45 per session with a valid GP referral. Please note that a maximum of 12 sessions per calendar year are eligible for Medicare rebates.

Please contact your Health Insurance Funds to enquire about their specific rebates for group therapy.

Click for more information about fees and Medicare rebates.

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