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Sexuality Counselling

Sexuality counselling can help people who are experiencing problems within their sexual relationships.  A professional psychologist and sex therapist, like Angela Donde, who has studied effective counselling and sex therapy techniques at a university Masters level, can help you in finding strategies that can resolve sexuality problems, and thus increasing your sexual, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

As a qualified registered psychologist, Angela Donde provides a professional, safe and strictly confidential environment for exploring sexuality problems. After the initial assessment interview, she develops an individual treatment plan specifically designed to meet the client’s needs and goals. As a full member of the APS (Australian Psychological Society), she abides by their professional code & ethics.

Sessions are strictly professional and safe. Unlawful behavior and or sexual exposure by clients will be reported to the authorities and the session immediately terminated.

 Sexuality counselling can help you to:

·         Explore new and exciting ways of love-making

·         Find different ways of dealing with existing sex problems

·         Improve communication between sex partners

·         Overcome sexual fears

·         Bridge different levels of libido between sex partners

·         Deal with issues such as impotence and frigidity

·         Overcome orgasmic and erectile dysfunction

·         Deal with infidelity issues

·         Explore effective techniques to prevent premature ejaculation

·         Establish trusting sexual relationship after sexual abuse and rape

·         Communicate your sexual fantasies to your partner

·         Overcome sexual addictions

·         Explore appropriate love-making techniques for people with physical disabilities


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